Pastor Gilbert Jules in Haiti

Pastor Gilbert Jules and his wife Legette serve the Lord in the counry of Haiti.                                  

It is estimated that 80% of citizens are Roman Catholic. Most of the remainder belong to a variety of Protestant demoninations. While the Constitution provides for freedom of religion there are many obstacles to overcome in their work. One of those obstacles is Voodoo, a traditional religion, which is practiced alongside Christianity by a large segment of the population. The government has officially recognized Voodoo as a religion, but it continues to be frowned upon by elite conservative Catholics and Protestants.

SCHOOL OPENING -Update from Pastor Gilbert

September 4th is the opening day for Haiti Schools. It was a big challenge to open a school in the Belanger area the first day. When I made the statement, many people laughed and made fun at me because that never happened. We had several parents meetings, last one was yesterday. Finally, we opened school this morning with 42 students and 6 teachers. It is a miracle.

We had opportunities to separate 4 classrooms and built a fence with wires and even a gate with roofing material to secure the children some. The children came to school with no uniforms, some with no shoes. We went to the market and bought 10 shirts, 3 pants, and 3 skirts to help out. From time to time we will buy more.

We really need the sponsorship program going so we can support the children there. It is one of the poorest neighborhoods I have ever worked.


  October 2020  
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