December 2017  
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Doug Hixson


Throughout 20 years of ministry, God has been preparing me for this new adventure as a church planter. I have had the unique opportunity to see multiple styles of ministry but more than that, have a growing passion for people to discover the gospel and be changed by the power of the cross. Over 10 years ago, God planted in our hearts a desire to do something different and open the door for church planting. 
Beginning in 2007, God pointed our hearts towards the Dakotas. Through several mission trips and new friendships established, God began to allow us to see the desperate need for new churches in the Dakotas. For several years we prayed that God would send planters to start these new churches. Then, as God always does, He began to show us that His plan was different and that we were to be a part of that solution to take the gospel to the lost people of Spearfish.
Our drive comes from a heart for people to be real and discover that God loves them just as they are. We want people to know the same love, forgiveness, joy and purpose that we have because of the salvation that we have found in Jesus Christ. We believe the power of the gospel can transform and build a church that will not only be attractive to people in the Black Hills but also allow people to see the need to take the gospel to the nations.
We have often wondered why God would not move us closer to family, friends and what is familiar to us. But our plans rarely are what God has in mind. The great thing is that no matter where we go, as we follow God, we are always blessed and things will always be better than what we could have planned.  We have committed our lives to following God's plan and go wherever He leads.
One of the greatest rewards has been being able to make Spearfish our home!  We love the Black Hills and miss them dearly when we are not here.  This is not only a great place to live but it is now where we have planted our lives and look forward to many years here!
I came to a point of decision in my own life that I would seek to live my life without regrets. So many people I meet share about how they wish they had taken opportunities that God had given them in years past. I decided that I would do my best to take advantage of those opportunities and be able to say at the end of my life that I did my best to follow God and seek to build His Kingdom wherever He desired. That first step of living without regrets began in Spearfish, SD.
There have been many sacrifices that we have experienced having made the decision to follow God’s calling on our lives. But we are willing to make those sacrifices if God’s will is done and people will find Jesus. We are not looking at this as something we hope will come to pass but believe that the plans of God will always succeed. We are following the words of Proverbs 16:3,Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.   We don’t want our plans, but God’s plans. 

Pray that we would have the boldness to go, to share, to tell and to love the people who need to hear of the saving knowledge of our Savior!
Driven by the Passion of the Gospel,
Doug Hixson
Lead Church Planter