Bob & Anna Nilsen

CMMA was founded in 1982 at the request of local physicians and dentists who were concerned about the growing number of personal "casualties" among their professional peers. These casualties were men and women who burned out, got divorced, attempted or succeeded in committing suicide, became addicted to alcohol or other drugs, had moral problems, etc.

From the beginning there was an emphasis on Jesus Christ as the one who has the answer to all of life's problems. Many were prepared for marriage through pre-marriage counseling and this is still a service offered today by various members of the CMMA staff.

CMMA has grown since 1982 to where we now have 23 full and part-time ministry staff, an Executive Board composed of 11 physicians and dentists, and a Board of Advisors of 13 dentists and physicians.

Bob Nilsen (R.N., Th.D.) serves as Missions Cdoordinator for CMMA with his wife Anna.

CMMA has organized and sent teams on Medical Missions Trips to the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragura, and Trinidad.

  June 2021  
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